A Start

I discovered instead that I can use SASS! An extended form of CSS. I can’t wait to start customizing this website by using the Blogsmart theme as a starting point.

In my attempt to learn more about CSS, I also learned more about Hugo. I learned about how it breaks HTML into pieces, and parses html with additional logic inside.

Ideally, this blog will become a place for me to hold everything that relates to my personal goals. And inspire myself to be more accountable both towards my current projects, and my personal goals. Goals such as: Understanding Linux and the Gnu tools better, (specifically the maketools) Improving my ability to create computer games Use Blender/SpryTile + ImageMagic to create a variety of 3D environments using low res art. Getting better at Math: Statistical Analysis, Concepts such as Quaternions (Complex Numbers), Calculus, Algebra, and proof writing. And improving my writing skills all around.

I hope that I can document some of the tools and knowledge I learn along the way for easy reference.